Work at Home

Five Steps to Your Own Internet Travel Agency
Are you looking for a home-based business with flexible hours and low start-up costs and expenses? Are you a stay-at-home mom who needs some extra income? Do you need more money to supplement your paycheck from your regular job? Are you unemployed and looking for some income to tide you over? Do you have a passion for travel? Starting your own online travel agency might just be the right move for you.

This 16,000 word book isn't about multilevel marketing programs or worthless cookie-cutter travel sites. It gives you five solid steps to starting your own online travel agency. If you implement these steps, you'll have your very own travel business. It also discusses the realities of the business, without false get-rich-quick promises.

Topics in this comprehensive guide to starting your own home-based business include:
-Is an Internet travel agency right for you?
-How to calculate your earning potential
-Making a business plan
-Making a marketing plan
-Choosing a specialty and differentiating yourself
-Start-up costs and expenses
-Finding a legitimate host agency (and avoiding scams)
-How to handle failure
This career guide contains exercises to help you see you're cut out to be online travel agent and to help you set up your business. It's also loaded with helpful links to free and cheap resources and vital information. It's written by Barb Nefer, a successful online travel agent since 2004 who books Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World trips. She's also author of another career guide, "So You Want to be a Counselor." Barb brings her experience to this book and offers her advice throughout, based on her own extensive experience as a home-based travel agent.

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10 Tips for Success in Writing and Self-Publishing Non-Fiction eBooks: Make a Steady Income Writing For Kindle and Nook
Self-publishing is in the midst of a revolution, with writers making money by publishing their own work to Kindle and Nook. Want to know how to make money publishing your ebooks? Successful author Barb Nefer shares her plan for making money by writing and publishing non-fiction ebooks. All of the information in this ebook is based on her own proven writing and sales strategy for ebooks. She uses it every day to build her own income, and you can easily adapt it to create your own success story.

This 3,800 word ebook is packed with solid advice you can use immediately to start making money with your own writing. Barb's ten-step plan walks you through the process in clear, simple steps. Learn how to:
-Choose the right non-fiction topics for maximum earning potential.
-Increase your productivity to quickly build up a money-making back list.
-Market your ebooks on a shoestring.
-Earn loyalty and repeat customers.

Each step is explained in detail, and Barb uses real-life examples to illustrate the most important points. This plan is perfect for work-at-home moms, writers looking to increase their income, and those who are already successful with other types of non-fiction writing who want to explore new avenues.

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