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Disney World Treasure Hunt: Hidden Gems in the Disney Parks and Resorts...And How to Find Them

You've probably heard about Hidden Mickeys, those three-circled representations of Mickey Mouse that Disney Imagineers love to hide all around Walt Disney World. There are books on where to find Hidden Mickeys, but what about the other whimsical hidden details throughout the Walt Disney World parks and resorts?

Some of these "hidden" gems are getting to be common knowledge, like the five-legged goat in the mural at the Contemporary Resort and the Singing in the Rain umbrella at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Others, like the wedding ring in the Haunted Mansion queue line or the mouse ears on one of the Vikings in the Maelstrom ride mural, are less well known.

This book, "Disney World Treasure Hunt: Hidden Gems in the Disney Parks and Resorts...And How to Find Them," is your map to more than 50 such gems. You'll learn about things like a very special Hidden Mickey you can only see for one hour once a year and the AAA 13 Diamond plaque in the Tower of Terror.

Read about these hidden treasures and enjoy the photos of each one. Them bring the book with you when you visit Walt Disney World and see how many you can track down in person.

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Fact or Fiction? 20 Urban Legends, Ghost Stories, Rumors & Secrets of Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World is a legendary vacation destination, and it's also a fertile ground for urban legends. Almost everyone has heard the tale of Walt Disney's frozen head or his cryogenically preserved body or the story of the secret tunnels below the Magic Kingdom. Those are just two of the rumors that swirl around this Disney resort. Other stories involve ghosts in Pirates of the Caribbean, human ashes in the Haunted Mansion, emu legs being passed off as turkey, monorail expansions, abandoned island attractions, flashers on Splash Mountain, a pop-apart Cinderella Castle, and the fate of the long-defunct Plaza Swan Boats that used to ferry passengers in the Magic Kingdom.

Are these stories true or false? Find out in "Fact or Fiction? 20 Urban Legends, Ghost Stories, Rumors & Secrets of Walt Disney World." This book examines 20 of the most common Disney rumors, as well as some related myths, and gives the truth behind the tale. It's packed with informative supporting links if you want to confirm the information and learn even more Disney World facts and trivia.

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Legoland Florida for Adults: 12 Tips to Enjoy Your Trip
Legoland Florida is a Central Florida theme park built on the site of the old Cypress Gardens. This new theme park, which is only 45 minutes away from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and the other Orlando parks, is targeted to kids between the ages of two and 12. What about adults who want to visit Legoland Florida without children? Is there enough to keep grownups busy, or will they be bored?

If you're an adult wondering if Legoland Florida is worth a side trip from your Disney World vacation, the answer is a resounding yes, as you'll learn in "Legoland for Adults: 12 Tips to Enjoy Your Trip." It's a worthwhile attraction for visitors and locals, whether or not they have kids. This ebook contains 12 tips to help adults have an enjoyable visit. It includes a list of rides and attractions, including comments and precautions, information on the shows, shops, and eateries, and hints for a smoother visit. It also has a trip plan designed to help you ride all the major rides without lines. It even tells you how to let your inner child out to play.

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Mickey Mouse is My Neighbor: Living Next Door to Disney World in Celebration, Florida
Once upon a time, a Disney World fan named Barb was stuck on the cold tundra of Chicago. She could only visit her beloved Florida theme parks once or twice a year. She must have had a Fairy God Mother because one day, despite many obstacles, she found the perfect house in the perfect town for a Disney lover like herself: Celebration, Florida. She didn't have a pumpkin coach, so she packed up her Aztek with her husband, pets, and belongings to start a new life living next door to Mickey Mouse where she could hear the Magic Kingdom and Epcot fireworks through her windows every night.

"Mickey Mouse is My Neighbor: Living Next Door to Disney World in Celebration, Florida" is the story of Barb's adventures, from the time she bought her house in Celebration in 2003 while still living and working in Chicago to the glorious day in 2005 when she made her official move to Florida. It follows her adventures as a long distance commuter and her first year as a full-time resident in Celebration, as adapted from her Celebration, Florida, blog.

Other books claim to tell the true story about life in Celebration, Florida, but Barb writes from the perspective of a real resident who calls the town her permanent home, not of someone who moved there temporarily just to bang out a quick book. Even though she sometimes takes a cynical view, her love for her hometown is always apparent.

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How To See Walt Disney World Like a Local
Ever wished you knew a local who could help you plan your trip to Walt Disney World and the other Kissimmee and Orlando attractions? This ebook is just like having a local in your ebook reader!

Do you know what the “pizza scam” is, or which parks have paid front-of-the-line access? How about where to see animals or the fireworks show for free at Walt Disney World, or how to get free boat and monorail rides? Do you know where your kids can have free water fun, even if you're not staying at a Disney hotel? This 10,000 word booklet tells you all that and more.

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