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Repair Your Own Credit for Free
Bad credit destroys your ability to get loans and credit cards. Did you know that you can repair your own credit and boost your credit score for free in just four simple steps?

Credit repair companies make the process sound hard and charge high fees. The Federal Trade Commission warns that some are scammers and some use illegal tactics. You don't need to pay anyone to fix bad credit. This 7,800 word booklet spells out the process in four easy-to-follow steps that walk you through the following:
-Reviewing your credit reports for free
-Finding keys that open the door to disputes and elimination of negative information
-Choosing the areas on which to focus to improve your credit score as much as possible
-Filing effective disputes that make the credit bureaus pay attention and take action
-Evaluating your credit repair results and taking additional steps, if necessary

This booklet doesn't stop there. It also covers the ongoing process of keeping your credit clean and what to do if you find that you're a fraud victim, including the difference between fraud alerts and credit freezes. It discusses dealing with collection agencies who add negatives to your reports and the problem of “zombie debt.” It even tells you how to get off credit card mailing lists that expose you to identity theft.

You'll literally be able to take immediate action when you download this booklet, and you'll see results within 60 days if you follow the instructions. You'll easily save the cost of the booklet when you get a loan or credit card with a better interest rate because of your do-it-yourself credit repair.

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