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15 Tips for Saving Money on Your Disney Cruise Line Vacation
"15 Tips for Saving Money on Your Disney Cruise Line Vacation" is packed with helpful information for anyone taking a Disney cruise with a limited budget. There are plenty of ways to save money on the Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy cruise ships. Once you've paid for your cruise and the customary gratuities, you can cruise without ever spending a penny on board the ships.

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to cruise on one of the Disney cruise line ships while saving as much money as possible. It covers ways to save money when booking your cruise, traveling to the port, and doing activities on board. Each of the 15 tips contains a full explanation of how to use the information, as well as related topics that will help you have a better overall Disney cruise.

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10 Disney Cruise Line Tips for Adults & 7 Ways to Tell if Disney Ships Are Right For You
A Disney cruise for adults. Is that a logical statement? Can adults traveling without kids really enjoy themselves on the Disney Cruise Line ships, or will they be miserable on the Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy?

This is the perfect book for anyone cruising without kids who wants to sail Disney but who isn't sure if that's a wise decision. It's packed with 10 detailed tips for minimizing the impact of the kids and teens on board on your own vacation experience. Do you know how to choose the right stateroom to avoid hordes of kids running in the hallways? When and where should you dine if you want a more adult experience? Is there any way to avoid kids in public areas like the shows? What kind of adults-only areas and activities does Disney Cruise Line provide? Is it appropriate for grownups to participate in the character greetings? This book, which is part of the "Building Blocks for a Great Disney Vacation" series, answers all those questions and more.

As a bonus, the book also poses seven questions that will help you decide in general if Disney's ships are right for you. For example, even if you have kids, you might be miserable on Disney Cruise Line if you're a gamble or a chain smoker or if you can't stand the sight of Mickey Mouse.

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A Complete Guide to the Disney Dream Cruise Ship: Everything You Need to Know For a Magical Sailing
The Disney Dream was Disney Cruise Line's first new ship in 13 years. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder were launched in 1998 and 1999, so much has changed since the time of their construction. The Disney Dream, launched in 2011, and its sister ship, the Disney Fantasy, which set sail the following year, make full use of technology to create fun and interactive experiences.

On the Disney Dream, you can interact with paintings, have a conversation with Crush the turtle, ride the Aquaduck water roller coaster, and have an outside view through your virtual porthole even if you're in an inside stateroom. Even if you've sailed on the Disney Magic or Wonder before, the Dream is literally a whole new world.

The Disney Dream is also much larger, with expanded spaces for kids, tweens, and teens. The ship is a destination on its own, even if you never disembark. Although it's not quite the equivalent of Walt Disney World at sea, it's just about as close as you'll come. Of course, it still features Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, which is a hallmark of any Disney experience.

If you're sailing on the Disney Dream soon or have already booked your cruise, this ebook tells you about everything this amazing ship has to offer. It covers the different types of staterooms, restaurants, entertainment options, shopping, the spa, the areas for kids, teens, and adults, and more. It also lists the differences between the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

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